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In the USA, almost all organizations have made it compulsory for their employees or applicants to tame a drug test.

This drug test ensures that the worker and people in his surroundings are all safe and sound. There are numerous ways in which an employer might require you to take the test, but the most common one so far has been the urine test.

A urine test is a fairly simple and easy test to pass until you are a frequent drug consumer. People usually ask for ways to cheat the authority to receive a negative drug test report.

For this very purpose, companies have started producing products that contain a fake sample of urine. These samples (synthetic urine) have all the necessary constituents that ideal human urine would contain.

We have brought to you some of the best synthetic urine kits available in the market, which will pull you out of the dilemma of choosing the right product.

Best Synthetic Urine on the market for drug test [2021]

Sub Solution Synthetic Urine Kit

Sub Solution formula is modified and made foolproof since 2003 (the year when it was introduced). It is made up of 11 different components, including urea and uric acid, to make it as humanized as possible.

Moreover, the pH level, specific gravity, and creatinine are also some features that will make it difficult for the testing laboratories to trace any deficiencies. The container that you would receive is compatible enough to make it as portable as possible.

The solution generated with the mixing of water is all toxin-free if that is what concerns you. Apart from all these standard features, you will also get hold of a heat activator formula which will heat the whole thing in a few seconds.

This mode of raising the temperature is more convenient and reliable than all the other available substitutes. Both males and females can use this synthetic sample.  


  • Unisex product – suitable for both men and women.
  • Heat activator is easy to use as compared to other modes of heating.
  • There is no toxin constituting the solution.
  • Every chemical component is the same as the original urine samples.


  • No insulation available, e.g., heat pads.
  • Not as simple as other substitutes.
  • Not as cheap as people would like.

Final verdict

Sub Solution Synthetic Urine is highly reliable. The urine composition is almost flawless. Moreover, the price is higher mid-range, so you should assess your budget before committing to any purchase.

Quick Luck Premixed Synthetic Urine

An even older and more prominent product than the last one mentioned on our list. This synthetic urine model goes way back to 1993 when the artificial samples were not as popular as they are now. The experienced researchers in the R&D team bring the best solution with a 3oz kit.

The Quick Luck Synthetic Urine makes sure that you are the lucky one on the test day as it brings the same formula made from 11 different components, including uric acid and urea.

The pH will match the original urine, the specific gravity will be the same as well, and creatinine levels are never an issue while using this synthetic product.

The solution is not toxic at all. Furthermore, this urine kit comes with the same old heat activator, but the real different rests in a couple of heat pads that insulate the whole sample and ensure that it can be used for about 10 hours once heated.

You do not need to mix the solution on your own because it is already ready to be mixed.


  • Unisex product – suitable for both men and women.
  • Heat activator is easy to use as compared to other modes of heating.
  • There is no toxin constituting the solution.
  • Every chemical component is the same as the original urine samples.
  • You will find a couple of heat pads to insulate the whole system.


  • Costlier than other simpler substitutes.
  • You cannot temper the solution depending on your requirement.
  • There is no temperature checker available.

Final verdict

Quick Luck Premixed Synthetic Urine eases the pressure and ensures that you receive an already prepared synthetic sample solution.

There might be no room for alteration in the sample composition, but you can rely on the company’s proportion. The price is also on the higher side, so you need to watch out for that as well.

Urine Stimulation with Powdered Urine Kit

This is by far the cheapest and simplest synthetic urine preparing kit available in the market. In a world full of complications, make the best urine solution using the easy-to-use urine synthesizing kit.

You need to start by mixing the solution with water at room temperature. Attach the vial with a temperature strip which will help you heat the things. You can also read the accurate temperature that your urine is currently standing at.

The smell and the components are all physically and chemically similar to that of the natural human urine. The company ensures that you conveniently prepare the solution, so you receive everything in the package except the water that you have to use on your own.


  • Unisex product – suitable for both men and women.
  • The heating strip is easy to use as compared to other modes of heating.
  • There is no toxin constituting the solution.
  • Every chemical component is the same as the original urine samples.
  • You will find a temperature strip to insulate the whole system.
  • Cheaper than other models.


  • Vulnerable to denaturing of proteins if used with hot water.
  • It takes about an hour to warm up.

Final verdict

The cheapest of all and the simplest as well. TestClear Powdered Urine Kit comes with proper insulation and an accurate temperature tracking procedure.

The problem would be the slow heating process. You should consider your urgency to see if this product suits your usage.

Things to consider before buying the best synthetic urine on the market for a drug test in 2021

There are several things to consider before purchasing a synthetic urine kit. Almost all the crucial factors are the following.


The constituents of synthetic urine need to be of the same type found inside the urine of a healthy person. Genuine urine would include a considerable amount of urea and uric acid in it. The pH level and density also matter to negotiate the risk of getting caught during the lab test.


Your budget is the next most important thing after the components of the synthetic urine. Try finding a kit that serves your cause at the most economical price. If budget is not an issue for you, then opt for the most satisfying urine kit in the market.

Density and blending

Having the right composition is not the only thing that you should look at in the synthetic urine kit that you are buying.

The other factor that must be considered is the proportion in with the components are blended in the solution. This helps in the gas chromatography and mass spectrometry and ultimately helps to pass the test.

Heating method

The heating procedure normally bothers the users most of the time. It is always preferable to purchase a kit that has a simple heating procedure.

More than that, the heat-up time and insulation might also play a critical role where you have stringent test timings. 


The kit should be able to measure the exact temperature at which the solution is currently existing. The more accurate the reading, the more reliable your result will be at the very end, so look into this factor before making any decision.

Maintaining the temperature

The best thing to have in a urine kit is the insulation factor. You need something that would help you maintain the temperature once it is reached the optimal level.

The majority of users often neglect insulation, but you should know that heating the solution, again and again, might denature the enzymes and other proteins in the sample.

Frequently asked questions

What is synthetic urine?

Synthetic urine is a preprepared dummy urine sample that helps you easily pass any urine test conducted throughout the USA.

The companies prepare such type of artificial urine in such a way that the user receives an all-in-all sample made consisting of all the necessary components.

It is available in a plastic packet and would require the user to prepare the solution as per the required procedure.

Where to buy the best synthetic urine on the market in 2021?

Synthetic urine is not as hard to find as it seems. You will find it in grocery stores, pharmacies, or laboratories. Remember not to mention explicitly that you are going to use it for cheating, as this might end up costing you.

However, the most preferred mode of purchase is the online purchase that keeps things more confidential, and you will find more variety of products.

How do labs detect synthetic urine?

The detection process depends entirely on the specific gravity, pH, and density of the solution. The lab team will run a gas chromatography test and mass spectrometry test to differentiate the urine components.

A well-blended urine sample will pass this test easily. Moreover, the team also checks the temperature of the sample. If the temperature is either high or low, then it is rejected with an immediate cheating report.

How to use synthetic urine?

There are mostly two kinds of synthetic urine kits available in the market. The first kind has a readymade solution which nothing but a heating powder spark to warm it up.

On the other hand, the most frequently used type is the powdered synthetic urine that is required to be mixed with water before use. The heating methods might also be the same in it.

How long does synthetic urine last?

An expiry date is mentioned on the packaging to let you know when the whole solution will become useless.

The synthetic urine might expire before the estimated date esp. when you expose it to sunlight, oxygen, or harsh temperature rise, which can easily denature the proteins.

What is the best synthetic urine on the market for a drug test?

The best synthetic urine is hard to find. You might see companies claiming to be the best in the business, but these statements and exaggerated claims will never help you pass the drug test.

You need to consider the components, pH, smell, specific gravity, and density of the synthetic sample you are about to prepare.

While it is hard to find the product which perfectly matches your requirements, you should always opt for the tried and tested products that have developed their market over the years.

What happens when you get caught while using synthetic urine?

Using a synthetic sample to pass the drug test is considered cheating, and cheating is always punishable no matter where it is done.

While in the past, you would never see the state interfering in such matters, now legislative action has been taken against the drug test cheaters.

There might be several adverse actions taken against you if the authorities catch you cheating. These actions might be anyone of the following:

  • The least burden that might fall on you is a legal warning from authorities.
  • You can be charged with a fine.
  • The employer might dismiss you after receiving the cheating report.
  • The authorities might jail you for months.

How to keep synthetic urine warm?

Keeping synthetic urine is an important thing to do. In natural cases, the urine is excreted from the body at the normal body temperature, i.e., 37 degrees centigrade.  This temperature is maintained to ensure that none of the naturally occurring proteins and other chemicals are damaged.

The synthetic urine also contains the same proteins, so the temperature becomes a critical thing to monitor to preserve the synthetic sample’s overall composition.

The users use many methods to keep the urine warm. You will find several heating equipment in the market like heating pads, hand warmers, or heating powder.

All such stuff is insulated to ensure that no heat is dissipated in the surroundings or the reactants (such as the heating powder) produce an exothermic reaction that provides enough heat for the solution to regaining the necessary levels.

You can also use an oven to heat the solution but make sure not to overheat the sample. Moreover, body heat is another reliable and convenient mode of heating.

How much does a synthetic urine kit cost?

The exact cost cannot be estimated as long as you have not chosen the exact features required in a kit. Most of the kits range from 40 dollars to several hundred dollars.

The economical and effective kits usually range between 40 and 120 dollars. Revisiting your priorities and budget range is always a handy question to plan the most suitable kit for you.

How to hide synthetic urine for a drug test?

Hiding the urine is majorly a very subjective matter. It might vary from person to person and test to test. You should try the method that seems the most convenient one for you.

There are, however, three most common methods available. The first method is fake urinary organs for men. This method is used where the instructor interferes most of the time. Another effective method is the use of a leg strap, but this method is vulnerable to spilling.

The last and the most common method is keeping it in the underwear. This not online maintains the temperature but also keeps it safe and secure.


We would still advise you to quit smoking for good. Spending this much money on cheating a drug test is always a waste of both money and integrity.

It is always preferable to choose the healthier path in the long term, but in the shorter term, you should consider the urine test cheating methods to save your job.

All the synthetic urine kits are efficient enough to help you pass the drug test, given the method of preparation is performed precisely, and the maintenance is taken care of. Just ensure that you do not get caught by the team while giving the sample or taking it inside.

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