Does Dying Your Hair Help Pass A Drug Test

The drug tests can prove to be a real pain in the head for some smokers. Improving technology, better personnel testing the samples, and high-quality drug consumption can play a critical role in the test coming positive.

Keeping all these things in mind, people usually search for a shortcut to fend off the uncertainties. There are hundreds of products available in the market that claim to be the best solution for your drug problem.

Among all these companies, you would see certain hair-dying products removing the drug remnants from your hair follicles. So, how true is their claim? It is possible to dye your hair and get rid of the unwanted waste in your body.

What Happens in a Hair Follicle Test?

The drug follicle test is a two-stage process where the sample is taken from your hair and is washed properly to get rid of all the external impurities that might render the result inaccurate.


The sample of hair removed from the scalp is first tested using the ELISA testing method. This method confirms the absence of drugs in the follicles.

A negative report is generated within 24 hours if it does not detect the remnants. A report received in the time frame of 24 hours means that you have passed your test.


When the results are unsatisfactory, the sample is carried forward to the next process, i.e., GC/MS (Gas chromatography/mass spectrometry). In this phase, the sample is put into a centrifuge to separate the components depending on their masses.

This allows the research team to classify the substance further and know the exact kind of substance found in the follicle (after studying the molecular mass). This process usually takes 72 hours to complete.

Why a Hair Follicle Drug Test?

Most of the time, you would see organizations suggesting a hair follicle test. Have you ever wondered why? The answer is simple. Cheating on this particular test is difficult as compared to any other.

The hair follicles do not consume the drug particles as efficiently as the other living cells. The cells present in your hair are less metabolic and living than normal cells inside your system.

The hair follicles allow the laboratory team to trace your 90 days old smoking routine with the most accurate procedures. The results are generated for both gaseous, liquid, and solid residue with the

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Does The Hair Dye Help To Cheat The Drug Test in 2021?

The hair-dying process does not work as an effective cheat. This process is called masking. For those of our readers who do not know what masking is, it is actually the immersion of hair into a specific kind of chemical, the high concentration of which will overshadow the relatively lower concentration of drug remnants.

The hair follicle test is never a concentration detection method, but it is a specific method that differentiates each and every component present in the hair follicles.

What Solution Do You Have?

While many claim to be the best solution for drug problems, we have the product that is worth spending your hard-earned money on.

Old Style Aloe Toxin Rid Shampoo

The new and improved Toxin Rid Shampoo with the goodness of the same Old Aloe Vera extracts is the way to go. You need to apply this all-natural solution to your scalp 10 days before the test every day.

You need to bathe a couple of times regularly if there is lesser time on offer. The package also comes with an Ultra Clean sachet used on the test day to eliminate the remaining toxins. The lathering and rubbing process should be exactly or more than 15 minutes.

The components in the shampoo soak into your scalp and go straight into the follicle tissues. They react with the drug remnants and break their chain for a faster metabolic process.

The shampoo also forms a firm external covering around the hair to mask all the unwanted molecules (a complementary function that resembles the hair dying stuff).

The best thing about this product is the natural ingredient used to prepare it. This does not carry any risk of side effects on the skin or the internal body. The only thing you need to check if your body is allergic to alow vera or not.


Passing a drug test is easier when the simple testing processes are considered, but the story is different in the hair follicle test. This test utilizes advanced physical means to distinguish the type of components present inside the hair cells.

Cheating on this particular test requires both chemical reactivity and physical masking. The Old Style Aloe Toxin Rid Shampoo is the way to go as the ingredients are completely natural.

The aloe vera seeps into the skin to help purify the internal system. The masking is also performed by the sticky layer of the same natural aloe vera.

Who would buy a hair-dying product (used for masking) when you get the same masking with chemical reactivity and natural action?

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