How To Keep Urine Warm For Drug Test

The prospective and even the current employers demand drug tests since the world has seen an unwanted surge in weed and alcohol consumption.

Most organizations do not tolerate the high concentration of drugs in your body, and this is why you would usually receive an email to apply for a test.

There are numerous ways to cheat on drug tests to save your job. The easiest test to cheat on is the urine test because products are developed to generate a synthetic urine sample.

This synthetic sample is difficult to distinguish, but the problem is to keep it at an appropriate temperature. 

Why Does Synthetic Urine Need An Appropriate Temperature?

The average body temperature of the human body is 37 degrees Celsius. The urine that you excrete is nearly at the same temperature as your body. This is why you need to keep the synthetic sample at the said temperature. 

When you submit the urine samples for a drug test, the lab technicians check the temperature before starting the whole process. If it fails to convince the lab staff, you might get fined or jailed for misleading the employer. 

How To Keep Urine Warm To Pass A Drug Test (Male/Female) 2021

Microwave oven

Did you ever think that microwaves will be used to heat your urine sample? We know you did not. The synthetic urine can be heated in a microwave oven to achieve a temperature level between 32 and 37.8 degrees Celsius.

You should make sure that the urine is not cooler than 32 or higher than 37.8 degrees. A higher temperature might sound tempting and long-lasting, but the proteins and other organic compounds might get denatured at such high readings. 

The process is simple. Place the sample inside the heating chamber. Set the microwave oven at the lowest reading and let the sample heat for 10 minutes.

Withdraw the sample and check the exact temperature. If the temperature is still low, then repeat the process to make it work. Once the temperature is reached, put the sample tube inside the heating pad and keep it near your body to maintain it. 

Hand warmers

A very cheap process to keep your urine sample at the desired temperature. There are hand warmers available in the market as well as inside the synthetic urine kit.

You need to remove the covering and activate the warmer in the right manner. Once the warmer is activated, you need to put it against your sample to initiate the heating process.

Remember, this might take a bit longer time because warmer heats the sample using chemical heating. A low-key hack that would surely help you heat your sample faster is to use more hand warmers at a time.

Heating pads

The heating pads are the best possible place to keep your sample in when heated, but only a few people know that these pads can be used to heat the vail of urine. This process takes longer than other methods, even the hand warmers.

The heating pads absorb heat from the surroundings and transfer it to the sample. The transfer speed is pretty slow, so we need to consider this method if there is no other substitute available. 

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Heating powder

There are powders available in the market that use ionic compounds such as lithium chloride to generate the much-required heat to warm up the urine sample.

You need to mix heat-activating powder with water to warm up the whole solution. Usually, it would take just one-third of the sachet to maintain the temperature at the required level.

This heating source is better than all other substitutes as it takes less time to achieve the desired temperature and maintains it for a considerably long duration of time. Just make sure that you do not mix too much powder in the water because this can denature the protein compounds.

Body heat

The most common and orthodox method of heating anything is body heat. Your body remains at nearly 37 degrees Celsius the whole time.

This makes your body an effective heating substitute. Females can keep the vails in their bra and other undergarments, while men can keep it near the inner thigh to serve the same cause. 

This method is vulnerable to the spilling of the sample or breakage of the test tube, so you need to ensure no or fairly low pressure is exerted on the sample. 

Can We Reheat The Urine Samples?

People usually heat the synthetic urine on a trial basis, or the test usually gets rescheduled due to various reasons. Due to all such factors, the heating sessions are wasted, but one thing is still questioned time and time again. Is it possible to reheat synthetic urine?

The answer is yes. You can reheat it as long as the sample proteins are not denatured. Just make sure that you do not heat the sample at a temperature higher than 37.8 degrees Celsius. These high levels usually break down the required compounds for testing. 


Synthetic urine is vulnerable to high as well as low temperatures. This makes it crucial to keep it between the 32 degrees and 37.8 degrees Celsius range. The heating methods might change, but you need to consider the most convenient and suitable one. 

Keep one thing in mind before cheating on any test that although this manure is very effective, you need to play smart to avoid getting caught.

A failed test might cost you your job but get caught while cheating will get you jailed. If performed accurately, this is a high-risk, high reward method to win your job back.

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