How To Pass A Drug Test

Drug tests are recently among the most trending topics on the internet. Nowadays, websites try to post stuff related to such tests, but the real question arises whether the information is correct or not.

There are several reasons why people are so curious regarding such topics. The first thing that bothers most internet users is the nature of drug tests and the sort of components traced by the technicians. Many of them even try to find effective ways to cheat the technicians and the technology. 

Since there are times when you would have smoked weed or drunk alcohol a week or month before the test. In such cases, there is no other alternative available except trying a cheating procedure that will save your job or a foreign tour. 

When we talk about drug test cheats, you will find hundreds of ways to outsmart the authorities, but is it that simple? So what are the most prominent methods to consider while cheating on the drug tests? We bring you the best methods to ensure better performance at drug labs.

How To Pass A Drug Test 2021: Best Methods Explained

Synthetic urine

Synthetic urine is one of the most commonly used methods to negotiate the risk of positive results. Those of our readers who do not know anything about this test (which is extremely rare) should correlate with taking an already written answer sheet while giving academic exams.

Some companies have done extensive research on preparing a sample of ideal urine, aka synthetic urine sample. This sample will contain all the proteins, minerals, and other nutrients that form a significant part of natural urine.

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While using this cheat, the only problem to worry about is temperature maintenance. Every urine testing laboratory tests the temperature of the sample first and then the composition.

You need to ensure that the synthetic sample has a temperature between 32 degrees to 37.8 degrees Celsius. You should also refrain from overheating the solution, as higher temperature levels would denature the enzymes and proteins. 

Our final take on using this specific kind of drug test is recommendable. The user has a whole different sample with no vulnerability of getting cause (subject to your diligence). 

Hair follicle drug test

The hair follicle drug test is known as a more accurate and harder test to pass as compared to other substitutes. This test includes testing the sample taken from the scalp of the head. Usually, this test tracks the drug consumption patterns of the past 3 months from the unconsumed drug remnants in the sample.

There are some methods available to cheat this test, even though they are quite difficult to perform. The first cheat can be the hair masking trick that proves to be inefficient because the hair follicle test separates components depending on the mass and mobility.

The increased quantity of healthy components on the outer layer of the follicle (masked) would never help pass the test because the report clearly identifies and separates all the constituents forming part of the sample.

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Moreover, the sample is thoroughly checked and washed before the whole process, so masking seems void ab initio. The most commonly used masking method used is hair dying products.

On the other hand, there are some naturally made hair shampoos and pills available to chemically remove the remnants from the bloodstream as well as the follicles. 10-day & 5-day Toxin Rid course along with the Toxin Rid Aloe Detox Shampoo is the most popular choice in this case.

THC detox kit

The THC molecules are accumulated inside your body when you consume weed. The psychoactive effect of THC might last for 2 to 3 hours, but the remnants reside inside your system for 30 days on average.

While you would see people trying to wait and give up on weed consumption for some days, there are still some people who demand a quicker removal.

The detox kit is made up of some highly vigorous compounds that function in a specific way to make sure that they increase the metabolic speed of your body. These kits and programs usually promise to remove THC from your body in 5, 7, or 10 days.

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The detox kit treatment is high-risk, high-reward manure. The risk of using this detoxing method is that the composition of chemicals used to make it is not authorized by FDA.

Moreover, there are other substitutes that do not pose such threats to the well-being of the user. Although you would see people occasionally appreciating the effectiveness of the product what benefit would you get if it damages your health and threatens your safety. 

There are several detoxing kits that promise the removal of drugs from the cells within 5-10 hours, but such courses are extremely dangerous and vulnerable to side effects and allergies.  

Detox drinks

The detox drinks are also available to help you pass clean your system before participating in a drug test. The detox drinks have an impressive impact on your bloodstream composition, but they are rarely a stand-alone product.

You would see detox drinks coming with an entire package that contains Toxin Rid pills and dietary fibers. The detox drinks are consumed after the completion of the pills course. 

A fast is observed for two complete hours. Half of the drink is mixed in a glass of water and drunk in a single round. The user needs to refrain from eating or drinking the stuff for another 2 hours and then mix the remaining drink in a glass of water to repeat the process. It is preferable to continue the fasting for another couple of hours.

This cheat is highly effective as it cleans up all the impurities in the digestive tract. The chemicals are diffused into the bloodstream to ensure that all the relevant body parts receive the decomposing agent. Fasting further simplifies the process as there is no complex compound engulfed and processed by the body. 

Diet and exercise

This method is not a cheat but a hard-earned low-risk solution to your problem. It definitely helps you pass the test if planned properly and performed weeks before the deadline. 

Many people express their concern about investing time or workouts and a proper diet. The reality is entirely different because the THC molecules are stored in the fatty molecules accumulated inside your body. Special purpose solutions cannot remove the THC molecules from such fats. 

A regular workout routine can help you burn all these fats and free the THC isomers. These isomers then flow freely inside the bloodstream and can be detected using any kind of drug test. Now comes the time to eliminate them from the blood. 

For the initial measures, you need to consume a high quantity of water to dilute your blood and ultimately urinate the substrate out from the body. Fibers and multivitamins also play a crucial role in diluting the serum. Refrain from using sugar and fatty food as it slows the breakdown process. 

How Long Does It Take To Pass A Drug Test?

There is no hard and fast time frame to prepare for a drug test. The preparation process wholly depends on your body type and day-to-day activities.

The most crucial factors that could affect the decomposition and removal of drug remnants are the body weight, metabolism rate, water consumption, and frequency of drug intake. The healthier your body is, the lesser time it would take to purify the cells and bloodstream.

How To Be Sure That You Will Pass A Drug Test?

There is never a hundred percent chance of passing a drug test if you regularly smoke or drink. The best condition to pass a drug test is not to consume drugs at all. 

If you are among the regular consumers, then you need to better your chances of passing by purchasing an effective detox program. 

Eating healthy food, drinking loads of water, consuming a minute or no drug at all, doing exercise regularly, and purchasing a detox program can fend off the chances of failing a drug test. 

Things To Consider While Buying A Program To Pass A Drug Test

There are numerous things that you need to consider before committing to a program, but your first priority should be authenticity. The most authentic source is definitely the best program to invest your hard-earned money on. 

There are several other factors that you need to check:

Price range:

The detox program that you are considering buying must compliment your budget. You can find good options in the economical price range.

Side effects and allergies:

There are certain types of people who are allergic to a specific group of chemical compounds. While choosing a detox program, you should look for a product that has suitable ingredients for your treatment.


The credibility of a manufacturer is often a useful thing to check. There are numerous detoxing products available in the market.

Usually, fraudulent organizations make false promises to increase their sales, so it is always better to watch out for it. A tried and tested manufacturer having positive reviews across the community can prove to be a green signal to purchase the product.

How To Dispute A False Positive Test Report?

The best response you can give to the laboratory is not an aggressive email but a very calm and composed legal one. First, you should visit your pharmacist and consult him if the recently consumed medicines could cause a positive result.

If the pharmacist confirms that the side effects of medications might render the result positive, then you should obtain this statement in written (duly signed) and submit it at the lab where the test report was produced.

What Happens If You Fail A Drug Test?

There are several outcomes that might occur as a result of a positive drug test. It is entirely dependent on the discretion of your employer. The most common circumstances that you might fail are:

  1. A straight-up rejection – if you have applied for the job and your prospectus employer asks you to attend a drug test, and you receive a positive report, then it is highly probable that the organization might decline the offered post.
  2. A warning – In the case of a first offense, the employer might ask you to give up on the habit and initiate a rehab program to break the habit.
  3. Firing – If the test is repeatedly positive, then the employer would fire you to make sure that you do not risk your own life or the lives of others around you while you are performing your job. This step is an extreme level measure.

How Much Does A Drug Test Cost?

The price of a drug test is not fixed. For better estimates, we assign it a range of 10$ to 35$ (depending entirely on the kind of test you are taking). The hair follicle test is a little higher than other types. Moreover, you can test the alcohol levels from 1$ to 10$.

What is a DOT test?

DOT drug test means the drug test taken and regulated by the Department of Transport. This test is mandatory for all those workers whose jobs either put themselves or the public’s life at risk.

Certain jobs such as security guard, drivers, or other similar jobs might require you to attend a DOT test. It usually scans for marijuana, alcohol, cocaine, and many other drugs.

How to read a drug test report from the lab

The format and style of the drug test report might vary from lab to lab, but the content is usually the same. Details mentioned might contain any of the following details:

  1. The first thing mentioned on the drug test report is the patient’s name and identification number that identifies the person to whom the report belongs.
  2. The next thing would be the laboratory’s name and address in which you have applied for the test.
  3. A date will be printed showing the date on which the report is generated.
  4. Under the report date, you would also see the test date on which the test samples were collected
  5. The laboratory usually sends the report to various health agencies and organizations, so your report will name all such agencies to whom the report is being sent. 
  6. You might also see the sources mentioned somewhere in the report that tells all about the samples taken.
  7. The report also contains a specific number with which the lab team labels your sample with.
  8. There will be a mention of the type of drug test performed.
  9. The results will be mentioned in either of the two manners. You might see a quantitative detail of minerals and compounds present in the sample (the laboratory does mention the required range in this case). On the contrary, the lab staff might print a qualitative result that identifies the positive or negative nature of the report. 
  10. Abnormalities are either highlighted or labeled with an “H” or “L” for high and low quantity.
  11. critical report will contain a note or certain sign to inform the person so that he can consult a physician.
  12. There is usually a column or section labeled with the unit of measurement in which the sample has been measured.
  13. You might also see a comment on the condition of the sample that tells if the sample was tampered with or not.


Passing a drug test is often a hard task. Usually, you would see people losing their job because they receive a positive drug test report. Companies strive to secure your job by producing foolproof detoxing products.

Our article has listed down all commonly available cheats to pass a drug test. You can choose the type that you deem effective for yourself.

There is no specific drug test cheat introduced to guarantee a hundred percent success rate. Still, you can increase the success probability by following a strict diet plan and reducing the consumption of unwanted drugs. 

In the end, we would advise you to give up on drug consumption as it damages your interior, keeps your body vulnerable to various disorders, and your job safety is also impaired.

The more you smoke, the more health you lose. Our advice might sound orthodox, but it is true even if you ignore it. Breaking the habit is better than putting your job and health at risk, as safety is better than the cure.

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