Sub Solution Synthetic Urine Reviews

When it comes to getting your dream job, the merits could sometimes be stricter. What if you get appointed in your dream job but fail a little drug test?

So it is crucial to cleanse and detoxify your system before performing a drug test. A small step can take your health and entire life to a new turn. 

However, marijuana is the most easily detectable drug that remains in the body for a maximum of around 30 days. It has been reported that more than 10,000 people have reported positive urine drug test for marijuana in America.

But it sometimes happens that you have no time to detoxify your system to pass a drug test. What can you do at that time? Many alternatives work the best in this situation. One of them is Synthetic Urine.

It is a formula that is made by mixing different chemicals to make a toxin-free urine sample. In this article, I have discussed Sub Solution Synthetic Urine Reviews, in which I would explain everything about it.

You would also get to know how you can use this kit, its pros, and cons. Thus, stay on this site and beat the urine drug test effortlessly.

Sub Solution Synthetic Urine Reviews 2021

What is Sub Solution Synthetic Urine?

A sub solution synthetic kit is manufactured by Clear Choice, which is considered one of the best synthetic urine kits.

It is used to pass a simple urine drug test in which you have to give the sample of your urine to the laboratory, and they would test it for the detection of any toxin elements in your system. These toxins could be from any drug, marijuana, cocaine, PCP, amphetamines, or opiates.

The clear choice sub solution synthetic urine is the most authentic product, which contains excellent positive reviews by its users. Moreover, it is one of the most admired products in the market because of its complexity and numerous chemicals, making the sample natural.

This product is made of 11 different chemicals, including urea, uric acid, potassium chloride, sodium phosphate, albumin powder, sodium chloride, and much more, which gives this sample a replication of a human’s real urine.

It is made explicitly by keeping balance pH, creatinine, and gravity to maintain the urine’s genuineness. However, this product is a decent choice for you because it is biocide-free.

It comes in a secure container, 100 percent efficient, which does not contain a little toxin, and most essentially, it can be used by any gender, either male or female.

Besides, this sample includes some special activators that increase the temperature within a few seconds and work just like the natural human body’s urine.

How to Use Sub Solution Synthetic Urine?

Once you have purchased the clear choice sub solution synthetic urine kit can effortlessly use it just by considering some guidelines which are given below:

  • Mix up the solution into a plastic bottle, which comes along with the equipment.
  • Then fill the remaining bottle with warm water.
  • After filling up the bottle, add the chemical powder into it and shake it gently.
  • The liquid would become transparent in color.
  • The bottle comprises a temperature scale on its side, which would help you know about the mixture’s current temperature.
  • Check the temperature; it should be 100°F.
  • If you notice that the temperature is below 88°F, add 1/3rd of the heat activator, which also comes within the kit.
  • Again, shake the bottle softly for a few seconds and allow the mixture to settle down. 
  • Again, check the temperature.
  • If it still does not reach its ideal temperature, you can keep it in the microwave to heat it up for two hours before executing a drug test.

Warning: If you add too much heat activator in the mixture, the chemical will react opposite, and it may cool down and ruin the whole solution.

Pros and Cons of Sub Solution Synthetic Urine

Before picking this product, you must have knowledge about its plus points and downsides that you may encounter. However, I have thoroughly discussed the pros and cons of clear choice synthetic urine. 


  • You would get everything in this kit: the mixing bottle, temperature scale, and heating activator. You don’t have to purchase further stuff.
  • This solution is 100% biocide-free and undetectable from any toxin elements.
  • It is made of numerous chemicals, which makes it as real as human body urine.
  • The clear choice is the most reliable, easy to use, and secure synthetic urine.
  • This solution can be used by both men and women easily.
  • It would drastically help you beat the urine drug test.


  • This kit is pretty expensive to purchase.
  • You cannot buy it from everywhere.
  • You have to shake it with your hand very consciously.

Why is Clear Choice Synthetic Urine Reliable?

There are some reasons that make this product stand out in the market, assuring you that you cannot deny its benefits. Nevertheless, these causes are pointed out below:

  • It comes in a powdered form, which does not let it leak while delivering the packaging. Also, this powdered form would help you handle it easily.
  • Moreover, it comes with a mixing container that you can take with you while performing a urine drug test.
  • The powdered form avoids contamination in the solution. And you can keep it long-lastingly.

Pro Tip: You have to mix the solution right on the day of your drug test. Otherwise, the mixed solution may get spoiled.


After reviewing the Clear Choice Sub Solution Synthetic Urine, I’ve concluded that this product is more reliable than other kits available in the market.

Moreover, in this quick review, I have discussed everything about this product, some usage instructions, and their pros and cons.

I believe you would opt for this kit to beat the urine drug test and get your dream job. Thus, if you want to purchase it at a competitive price, you can visit Testnegative and make the right choice.

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