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Drug tests are often the most difficult tests to pass. Approximately half of the US population smokes at least one cigarette a day. There are increasing numbers of those who regularly consume weed and alcohol.

The agony is inevitable when your boss asks you to submit your drug test, but in the end, you ought to find a way to save your job.

Your best bet is to consider spending your money on drug test cheating kits and products to help you negotiate the threat of being held culprits of the drug consumption.

While you might find numerous options in the market, urinators can definitely help your cause by providing ever-so-reliable functioning. 

Urinator Reviews 2021 – A Detailed Guide

Why Is Urinator A Good Thing To Have?

Urinator is a heating device that is an upgraded version of hand warmers. You can keep the urine sample inside the system to make sure that it is heated appropriately.

The whole process includes a fairly complex set of equipment, and people feel that this method is compatible with the newer generation, but I’m afraid that’s not right. 

What Do You Get When You Purchase A Urinator?

The main body

The main body consists of a 100ml vinyl IV bag that can be filled using a dual port. A crystal liquid thermometer is connected to the bag, which is there to read the exact temperature level.

You will also receive a 60ml syringe to pour the water into the container for synthetic urine preparation (this is explained later).

Temperature sensor

There is a rod available in the package that allows you to assess the temperature of your urine sample. It is made of stainless steel, so developing rust is not often an issue.


The temperature can be adjusted accurately by using the computerized remote controller. It is covered and insulated to prevent any risk of electric shock or mishap.

The heater

When the user pours the synthetic sample into the bag, it is heated through a flexible silicone heater attached to the controller. The heater is closely attached to the bag for adequate heating.

The dual openings

The container (bag) contains two openings that are used for separate purposes. The first tube is used to allow the synthetic sample to pour inside the bag. This tube is flexible enough to be rotated while filling the process.

The other tube serves an entirely different purpose, i.e., the release of urine out from the bag. Moreover, there are convenient clamps available to control the rush of the sample while you are pouring it out.


The urinator is powered by a set of 9-volts batteries. You need a set each to complete 4 hours long heating session. 

Insulating blanket

The insulating blanket keeps the synthetic sample warm and soft for the user to avoid the risk of developing burns or unwanted scars on the skin. 

How To Use The Urinator?

The usage method might seem complicated at first, but after knowing the right way to use the device, you can easily make sure that your cause is served. Here is the right way to use a urinator:

Unwinding the urinator

First, you need to carefully unwind the urinator with the temperature strip facing up. 

Preparing the synthetic sample

The next step includes the preparation of the toxin-free synthetic urine sample. 

Choosing the right product

There are some products available in the market that can help you create a synthetic sample. We recommend using Rapid Clear’s Clean Pee or Quick fix for another added feature in your sample.

Clean Pee samples are bacteria and toxin-free, pH-balanced, and the specific gravity is exactly equal to the human urine. 

Preparing the water for the mixture

You need to fill a container with 70 to 80 milliliters of warm water (use a syringe for a more precise amount). Note: Make sure that the temperature of the water is not above 100-degree Fahrenheit. If this happens, the temperature sensor will not read anything at all. 

Mixing the concentrated urine

Once this is done, open the concentrated urine pack and mix it in warm water. These concentrated urine products are vulnerable to light, so you cannot keep them unmixed for a long time.

If you plan to reheat the whole sample again, then a Quick fix is a better choice as it does not get denatured. 

Filling the urinator

Fill the urinator by unscrewing the urine filling tube. Be cautious while pouring the urine sample into the filling tube as it might spill outside.

After the pouch is filled, press it gently to make sure that the excess air escapes outside. Now, screw the filling tube again to keep the sample as airtight as possible. 

The final touches

The last thing you need to ensure is that the urinator is connected properly to a set of batteries. A set of fully charged batteries will heat the sample for an approximate period of 4 hours.

After connecting the batteries, fold the sheet on the sample to ensure that it receives all the required cushioning and warmth. 

Getting the sample out

During the drug test, you need to unscrew the filling tube again and pour the sample into the container. You can squeeze the pouch gently to quicken the whole process. 

Cleaning the urinator

After the purpose is served, you should flush the urinator using tap water. There is no need to wash it using soap or other cleaning agents as this can influence the synthetic sample the next time.

Pros and cons of Urinator


  • The user does not need to vary the temperature because the system autodetects and adjusts the temperature on its own.
  • The urinator feels comfortable as the material is soft and easy to feel.
  • The bag is leak-resistant and sustains a considerable amount of pressure.
  • You can rely on its smart function.


  • The process is more complicated than the other methods.
  • The sensor does not detect a temperature of 100 degrees Fahrenheit or above.
  • It requires a new set of batteries after a single complete round.


Urinator is a very reliable source of using cheating a drug test. Synthetic urine samples are easy to prepare but keeping them warm enough is always the issue. The laboratories check the temperature levels before going ahead with the testing process.

A lower temperature can get you caught immediately, while on the contrary, a higher temperature (more than 99 Fahrenheit) can denature the essential proteins. 

Cheating and passing are fairly easy when the urinator is used properly, but you need to consider the price you have to pay when things go wrong.

A proven cheating attempt can daunt your reputation at work, get you fired immediately, get you fined, or put you behind bars. A simple thing would be to quit smoking if the time frame allows you to do so. If not, then the urinator is worth the risk.

So, that was our Urinator Reviews article. I hope you enjoyed reading it. Feel free to share your thoughts via comments.

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